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Title: The Rules
Post by: admin on December 08, 2020, 05:14:19 AM
The forum is intended for persons who are at least 18 years of age or older.

1. You can put links to sharing services that allow files for free download. You can give mirror links to paid sharing services, but also you need to give links for free sharing services.

2. You MAY NOT use money generating redirecting links (i.e. link-bucks, cash-url)
2a. DO NOT post links to websites, blogs or other forums.
2b. It is forbidden to publish links to a folder with files on sharing services. Download links should lead directly to the file itself.

3. We reserve the right to remove any signature if there is not a backlink to our Leporno.cc forum (link exchange).

4. Use thumbnails when posting pics instead of hot-linked images.
4a. Include screen captures/shots with file size, file type and playing time when posting video links.
4b. Include sample images with file size and the number of zipped images when posting picture links.

5. Do not include more than five (5) videos or picture sets in one single post.

6.The following content is PROHIBITED:
- videos and images featuring models under 18 years old

7. Tags [соdе][/соdе] are not available in this forum. You can use the [quotе][/quotе] tags instead.

Limit at a forum of 10 posts in day.

Not Follow the rules = BANNED